Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Itty bitty bedtime tantrum

Well, now it's 10:20.  But I don't wanna go to bed!  Feeling a little annoyed in anticipation of the 4th morning, because I'd rather watch a movie and drink a beer than go to sleep right now.  Ah, well.  I must admit I'm tired.

I've scoped out the perfect meditation spot for tomorrow: there's a window in the guest room, outside of which is a beautiful tree.  The small guest room used to be my bedroom when I rented out half my place to roommates.  For some of that time, I meditated in the evenings in front of that window.  The pretty tree outside was much smaller then.  It's grown since that time when I'd look upon it often.  I realize I've changed and gotten older since that time, too.

Ab Interval workout after that!  Ugh.  I need that, but I don't want that. Flat stomachs are fun, flat stomachs are fun, flat stomachs are fun...

Fine! I'll go to bed.  :)  Over and out.

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